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At our core, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that every project and service we offer is channeled through one of the eight dimensions of wellness. From physical health and emotional well-being to social connections and professional growth, our initiatives are carefully designed to encompass these dimensions, providing comprehensive support to individuals at every level. By integrating these dimensions into our programs, we aim to create a well-rounded, transformative experience that nurtures and uplifts each person's holistic wellness journey. For more information on the 8 dimensions of wellness, click here.

Social + Emotional

  • Black Mothers Matter

  • Black & Beautiful Women's Brunch

  • Mental Health Support Groups

  • Coco Conference

Environmental + Spiritual

  • Ecotherapy hikes

  • Retreats

Financial +

Physical +

  • Coco Cares: Period Poverty

  • Wellness Courses


While our in-person services are rooted in the vibrant SF Bay Area, our commitment to supporting women's wellness extends far beyond geographical boundaries. Although we provide hands-on experiences locally, we've curated a plethora of programs and services available virtually, reaching women across California and nationwide. Through our online platforms, we ensure that our resources, guidance, and community support are accessible to all, regardless of location. 

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