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Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional development, or a supportive community, our upcoming programs and services are crafted with you in mind. From community events to mental health services, our offerings cater to various dimensions of your well-being.

Coco Scholars 

Stress Management Support Group


Coco Fellowship

North America

Coco will open the application to its annual scholarships to support the development of Black college women in the fields of Health, Civic Engagement, and the Arts. The inspiration behind these subject matters is from the founder's parents, who were passionate in these areas. Eligibility includes being an enrolled Undergraduate, a woman of the African Diaspora, completing an application, and providing proof of enrollment in a US-based college or university.


Virtual (CA residents only)

Coco understands the significance of mental well-being for Black women. This stress management support group:

  • Focuses on equipping participants with healthy coping skills.

  • Identifies major stressors and offers guidance in reducing their impact.

  • Creates a supportive environment for individuals to share their struggles and receive strategies for managing stress.

  • Aims to alleviate the burdens and pressures of daily life.

North America

Calling all aspiring changemakers! Are you passionate about Social Work, Sociology, Community Health, Public Health, or Community Development? Here's your chance to dive into the heart of real-world impact. Join us for an enriching summer fellowship opportunity where you'll gain hands-on experience, work alongside dedicated professionals, and make a difference in communities. Unlock your potential and contribute to positive change. 


Whether you choose to volunteer your time, expertise, and passion, join forces as a dedicated partner in our mission, or spearhead fundraising initiatives to champion our cause, your involvement is pivotal. Through volunteering, partnerships, and fundraising, you become a catalyst for positive change, shaping a future where our collective efforts empower communities and drive lasting transformation. Join us in making a tangible difference, one step at a time.

Here's a list of our volunteer roles.

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