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Let's make an impact together


Your support fuels change and empowerment. Choose where your generosity thrives: 


  1. General Fund: Amplify our impact across diverse initiatives, ensuring resources reach where they're needed most.

  2. Community Events: Ignite community spirit by backing events that foster unity, education, and wellness for Black women.

  3. Mental Health Services: Empower individuals to find strength and healing by supporting accessible mental health services.

Together, let's build a stronger, healthier, and more connected world. Your contribution paves the way for lasting change.


General Fund

Support our diverse programming at Coco Coalition and be part of our mission by contributing to our fundraising efforts. Your generosity fuels our initiatives, empowering us to create impactful and inclusive programs that uplift and empower communities.


Community Events

Coco offers various in-person and online events that provide an opportunity for connection and personal growth. Coco has built up a reputation for 3 hallmark events. The International Black & Beautiful Women’s Brunch, Black Mothers Matters, the Bi-Annual Coco Conference. Spend more time on restoration, healing, and connection with our wellness retreats.


Mental Health Services

Coco understands the significance of mental well-being for Black women. Our mental health services are designed to address this critical concern and provide tailored support to empower and uplift the community. We aim to create a holistic and empowering approach to healing.

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