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Let's make an impact together


Coco Causes to stand behind



Community Events

Coco offers various in-person and online events that provide an opportunity for connection and personal growth. Coco has built up a reputation for 3 hallmark events. The International Black & Beautiful Women’s Brunch, Black Mothers Matters, the Bi-Annual Coco Conference. Spend more time on restoration, healing, and connection with our wellness retreats.



Mental Health Services

Compromised mental health is one of the major threats to well being for Black women. We offer support groups and provide vouchers for women seeking therapy.



Scholarship Fund

In honor of the founders’ parents, Coco awards scholarships to undergraduate students who’ve contributed to and plan on becoming leaders in the fields of mental health, civic engagement, and the arts. Scholarships are given to women who have displayed leadership and impact in their communities.


Coco Cares

With the help of community donations and sponsorship from Cora, Coco donates sanitary napkins and underwear to several schools in Aburi, Ghana, to combat period poverty.

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