Every year Coco is offering scholarships to support the development of Black college women in the field of Health, Civic Engagement, and the Arts. The inspiration behind these subject matters is from our parents who were passionate in these areas. 

Meet Our 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Angela Heath Scholarship

Udochi Okorie

Udochi Okorie is a Senior at Kalamazoo College where she is completing a major in Biology and Psychology. These two majors reflect her interest in the relationship between cognitive and biological processes in the brain. Motivated by advocacy for black women and hopes to have a greater impact in her community, she started a support group for Black women on her college campus. The events that she experienced developing and working with these women allowed her to better advocate for mental health resources for her community. Udochi aspires to enroll in a MD graduate program and study psychiatry. She hopes to continue to advocate for black women in STEM while performing ballet and playing the clarinet.

Byron + Lolita Scholarship

Amber Wynne

Amber Wynne (she/her/hers) is a senior health science policy administration major, criminal justice minor, attending the illustrious Hampton University in Hampton, VA. As a health science student, Amber’s passion for activism extends into the healthcare and social organizing fields. Amber has the privilege of serving as the President of Hampton University Generation Action (HUGA), where she strives to organize, advocate and educate through a reproductive justice lens. Her advocacy work includes voter education, LGBTQ+ advocacy, Black-centered health education, as well as founding “The Period Project'' which aims to distribute free menstrual products to students at Hampton University. As an organizer on a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) campus, she currently manages the Emergency Reproductive Hotline. Through this hotline Amber distributes free emergency

contraception, pregnancy tests, barrier methods, education resources, and menstrual products to students in need in the Hampton Roads

area and nationwide.

Dereje Haile Scholarship

Vontarya McBride

Vontarya McBride is a South Carolina native with a passion for writing, digital media, and the art medium overall. She is a senior majoring in Mass Communication at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU). She currently serves as the social media manager for The Artist Bloc, a venue that serves the local arts community in Greensboro, NC. Vontarya also serves as an executive board member for the Campus Life Marketing Committee at WSSU. In addition to being a scholar, Vontarya has taken the necessary steps to contribute to her professional development and growth through internships, film festivals, and workshops throughout her college career. She also creates short films and fun relatable content that covers everything from college readiness to lifestyle vlogs to share on her YouTube channel. Vontarya’s overall goal is to use her platform to share innovative ideas and amplify the voices of people who may not have a chance to share their stories otherwise. 

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Coco Changemaker Scholarship

Makayla Dawkins

Makayla Dawkins is a junior from the inner city of New Haven, CT. She is double majoring in

Human Development and Family Sciences and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a

minor in Psychology and Africana Studies at the University of Connecticut. When she isn't

studying, she is serving with USG Student Services as a Sexual Health and Education

Advocacy Coordinator where she has implemented a menstrual care package program and created legislation in solidarity of UConn’s queer community. She can also be found fulfilling her role as an RA in the Arts learning communities or working with LGBTQ folks at Rainbow Center. She hopes to become a Healthcare Administrator overseeing a health facility and researchingHIV and sexual behavior. She also hopes to serve families impacted by incarceration. In her free time, Makayla serves as an intern of Free All My Suns Inc., a nonprofit that connects families to the imprisoned and oversees their various programs. Additionally, she destigmatizes mental illness as an intern with the Holistic Huskies, a mental health podcast where she advocates for suicide prevention and mental health in communities of color.

Coco Changemaker Scholarship

Sierra Holmes

Sierra Holmes is an Orlando,Florida native that attends the University of Central Florida (UCF). She is the founder of a college preparation, volunteer based, and cultural club called Black Leaders of Tomorrow at her former high school. She is now involved in SGA and Black Student Union as a freshman at UCF. As a recipient of the Princeton Prize of Race Relations Certificate, she continues to aim for educational equity and increase global and cultural awareness. In addition to this, social justice and advocacy are something she is dedicated to and passionate about. Sierra hopes to create change in her future career field as a lawyer, and later as a politician.

AH Scholarship

Coco’s Health Advancement Scholarship is for 3rd-year students with a declared major of the human sciences, who has plans of entering the field of mental or public health. The A.H. Scholarship is named in honor of Angela Barbara Heath, mother of co-founder Tiffany Wright. Angela passed August 7th, 2018 of a pulmonary embolism, however, she was a complex trauma survivor and advocate of mental health awareness. As a parent with multiple mental illnesses, Angela was very vocal about the importance of therapy and holistic healing approaches. Eligible majors for this scholarship include psychology, sociology, social work, biological sciences, human development, and other related fields. Students must have a minimum of 60 semester units completed.


Coco's Civic Engagement Scholarship is for a 4-year college student with a declared major in civic engagement or public policy. Inspired by the parents of cofounder Jasmine McGee, Byron Thompson, and Lolita Hancock. The B.L Scholarship was created to support students interested in civil service and community engagement. Jasmine’s mother was a legal secretary and her father was a lawyer. Both of her parents were passionate about creating change in their community and providing support for personal development and growth. Eligible education majors for this scholarship include administration of justice, political science, public administration, civil rights, ethnic studies, sociology, and other related fields. 

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DH Scholarship

Coco's Art Scholarship is inspired by the father of co-founder Mimo Haile, Dereje Haile.  This scholarship was created to support students who are interested in all of the art medium. Dereje was a fun-loving father who loved photography, music, and dancing. His favorite thing to do were to collect photographs from family gatherings and birthday celebration, which Mimo has inherited. There are more than 10 albums of pictures he has taken that tell a family history and powerful stories that depict a completely different light to the Ethiopian culture that’s broadcasted in the mainstream. This is a scholarship for a 4-year college student with majors in drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. And can also include the art of the culinary, musical, and literary varieties. 

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Successful applicants will:

  • Be a womxn of the African Diaspora

  • complete a scholarship application

  • provide proof of enrollment in a US-based college or university

  • submit official transcripts

  • possess a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in good standing

  • display a financial need based on student FAFSA expected family contribution (EFC) and college's cost of attendance

** Please check individual scholarships for year standing requirements




I just submitted my scholarship application, what is the next step in the process?

Final candidates will be contacted for a personal interview with the scholarship committee.


How will I be contacted or notified about scholarship updates?

All applicants and finalists will be notified by email 


Can high school and community college students apply for scholarships?

At this time, the Coco scholarships are available for college students only.


Application dates and deadlines

  • June 21, 2021—Application process opens.

  • July 23, 2021—Deadline for student applications. 

  • August 2021— Recipients announced. 

How do the recipients receive their award payments?

Scholarship checks are mailed to applicants’ home addresses in October.


Is the scholarship renewable?

No, this is a one-time award.


Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

No, students must select the scholarship that is more aligned with their major and career goals.