Meet Our 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Shemayah Clemons

My bio: Shemayah Clemons also known as the ancient artery is an Inglewood native healing enthusiast with a passion for all things regarding wellness. Specializing in holistic living, she works closely with her community—via the platforms she’s developed—to stress the importance of approaching health from a wholeness perspective. Acting as a conduit of vital information that is often overlooked, she focuses on cleansing with ancient herbs, restoring with alkaline foods, and essentially developing practices that can be incorporated into everyday life. 

Eno Oduok

Eno is a first-generation Nigerian American and a Houston native. She is a senior at the University of Houston with a major in public relations and a minor in marketing. She is the communications writer for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute and the digital coordinator for @blackgirlsgraduate. At school, she is the public relations chair for the African Student Union, webmaster chair for the Nigerian Students Association, and a member of PRSSA.

Sierra Hill

Sierra Hill is a creative curator and the producer of Media Platform: Creative Process. While growing up in Louisville, KY, she quickly gained an interest in Chicago’s music, culture, and creative scene. Now a Music Business major at Columbia College Chicago, she began Creative Process in March of 2017 with the hopes of making an honest space designed to deliver access to creative culture, study and highlight up and coming artists of color, and provide opportunities for artistic growth in communities that need it. Once she has graduated, Sierra intends to continue expanding the platform through collaborations and partnerships with other Chicago creatives and brands.

Every year Coco is offering scholarships to support the development of Black college women in the field of Health, Civic Engagement, and the Arts. The inspiration behind these subject matters is from our parents who were passionate in these areas. 

Coco’s Health Advancement Scholarship is for 3rd-year students with a declared major of the human sciences, who has plans of entering the field of mental or public health. The A.H. Scholarship is named in honor of Angela Barbara Heath, mother of co-founder Tiffany Wright. Angela passed August 7th, 2018 of a pulmonary embolism, however, she was a complex trauma survivor and advocate of mental health awareness. As a parent with multiple mental illnesses, Angela was very vocal about the importance of therapy and holistic healing approaches. Eligible majors for this scholarship include psychology, sociology, social work, biological sciences, human development, and other related fields. Students must have a minimum of 60 semester units completed.

Coco's Civic Engagement Scholarship is for a 4-year college student with a declared major in civic engagement or public policy. Inspired by the parents of cofounder Jasmine McGee, Byron Thompson, and Lolita Hancock. The B.L Scholarship was created to support students interested in civil service and community engagement. Jasmine’s mother was a legal secretary and her father was a lawyer. Both of her parents were passionate about creating change in their community and providing support for personal development and growth. Eligible education majors for this scholarship include administration of justice, political science, public administration, civil rights, ethnic studies, sociology, and other related fields. 

Coco's Art Scholarship is inspired by the father of co-founder Mimo Haile, Dereje Haile.  This scholarship was created to support students who are interested in all of the art medium. Dereje was a fun-loving father who loved photography, music, and dancing. His favorite thing to do were to collect photographs from family gatherings and birthday celebration, which Mimo has inherited. There are more than 10 albums of pictures he has taken that tell a family history and powerful stories that depict a completely different light to the Ethiopian culture that’s broadcasted in the mainstream. This is a scholarship for a 4-year college student with majors in drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. And can also include the art of the culinary, musical, and literary varieties. 

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