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Celebrating Success: Inaugural Coco Fellows Shine Bright

Updated: May 17

This summer marked a significant milestone for Coco Coalition as we proudly introduced our inaugural group of fellows—a dynamic duo of talented students, Trish Elleston and Karen Toussaint. Over the course of 10 weeks, Trish and Karen immersed themselves in our organization, bringing enthusiasm, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge to the Coco team.

Trish Elleston, a dedicated Pre-Medical Senior at Temple University, took on the role of Program Development and Research Fellow. Her fellowship was a transformative journey into the world of nonprofit organizations, where she honed her skills in program development and research. Trish's reflection on her time with Coco Coalition highlights the personal growth and deeper sense of purpose she gained, emphasizing the undisclosed work that goes into running a nonprofit. Her advice to future interns echoes the importance of absorbing as much information as possible to ensure organizational success.

Karen Toussaint, an Advertising major and Senior at Florida State University, embraced the position of Marketing and Communications Fellow. In her role, Karen had the opportunity to showcase her creative talents by crafting multiple flyer designs for our Instagram account. This rewarding experience aligned seamlessly with her professional ambitions in social media management and content creation. Karen expressed gratitude for the collaborative environment and the chance to work closely with our COO and social media manager.

As we salute Trish and Karen, we eagerly anticipate the future success that lies ahead for these powerful Black women. Their contributions have set a high standard for the Coco Coalition fellowship program, and we are excited to welcome new interns for the Spring and Summer of 2024. If you are a passionate and driven student looking to make a positive impact, we encourage you to apply and join the Coco Coalition family. Together, we can continue to create meaningful change and enriching learning experiences for the interns who become a part of our growing community.

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