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Coco Cares: Making changes in Ghana

Since 2017, we have provided feminine products to various schools in South Africa and Ghana. The impact of these resources allow the girls to attend school while on their periods; the reality of many girls in Aburi, Ghana is several absences from school due to lack of feminine care products.

There are many women and young girls who do not have the financial resources to afford tampons & sanitary napkins. In the US, it is often transient women and girls; In various parts of Mama Africa, some girls miss school durig menstruation because of lack of products. In the past, we have donated sanitary napkins to secondary schools in Johannesburg and Accra. We will be continuing this effort, continue products to a secondary school in South Africa and in Ghana. We will be raising $500 and purchasing $250 worth of sanitary napkins for each school, which will last anywhere from 6-8 months.

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