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2023 Virtual Coco Conference

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

This is Coco's 3rd Semi-annual wellness conference celebrating Black women and providing them with spaces and resources to infuse their life with practices that allow them to thrive.

This year’s theme: Creating New Possibilities, is an opportunity for Black women to revisit different aspects of their life and create new habits and practices that may enhance their well-being.

The virtual conference is held on March 11th from 9:30 am PST- 2:30 pm PST.

Checkout the lineup of events and read more about the amazing leaders involved

We begin the day with a beautiful sound healing session. The remainder of the day is as follows:

Healthy Relationship Panel featuring Tiffany Wright, Jasmine Smith and Chetina Guadalupe

Journaling as a tool to explore self-love

Exploring self-love through self-pleasure

Intention Setting & Manifestation Panel featuring Jazz Monique Hudson, Kita Love, and Nebula

Building a spiritual practice using crystals

Exploring and incorporating healthy habits

We will end the day with an opportunity for women to network, share their projects and passions, and close with a powerful affirmation.

Jacqualyn Jackson – Sound Healer

Certified Energetic Protection Professional & Sound Healer


Jacqualyn Jackson is a California Native, Adventure Seeker, Manifesting Generator, Home Inspector, and Lover of Life. From Yoga to Dance to Photography, and Sound Healing, she follows her Bliss. She's lucky to have found her life passions and have developed services to serve our community and beyond. She strongly believes in conscious co-creation, so when one wins, we all win!

Chetina Guadalupe



Chetina Guadalupe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Consultant, and the Creator of Always Live Lovely. Chetina supports the community through her mental health services, where she offers individual therapy, mental health consultations, music, a podcast, and more. She is passionate about breaking the stigma and equipping you with tools for a deeper understanding leading to healing. Chetina loves to seek new experiences, be creative, and sit in stillness in her spare time.

Tiffany Wright

Psychotherapist, Author & Wellness Consultant


Tiffany Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, author, speaker, and wellness consultant. Her clinical work focuses on trauma, grief, esteem, relationships, and eating disorders. Tiffany is the author of several books, including The 5 Commandments of Self-Love (2019). She is the founder of the empowerment platform, The BE Life, which promotes empowerment and wellness through media, consulting, and healing events. Tiffany is a co-founder and Executive Director of Coco Coalition Inc. Outside of purpose-driven work; Tiffany is an outdoor enthusiast who loves visiting National Parks, hiking and being outside. She’s an avid traveler who loves journaling, painting, food with the community, and doing intentional joy-cultivating or spirit-restoring activities.

Jasmine Smith

Psychotherapist, Instructor


Jasmine Smith is an LA native that loves to have fun and spend time with her family. Professionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker and doctor of social work candidate focusing on the health and well-being of Black women and young girls. She is an expert in trauma and it’s impact on the person as a whole and their relationships. She is the CEO of Blossoming Souls Therapy and founder of B. Well, a nonprofit organization, and is dedicated to creating a brave space for healing and clients to be their authentic selves as well as reclaim their power. As a survivor of and advocate for intimate partner violence, Jasmine understands the importance of healing in a space that is empowering and centers the voice of Black women.


Wellness Facilitator and Coach


Tiana, MSW , affectionately known in her community as “The Wellness Bae”, is an associate therapist, wellness coach and facilitator and Founder of SoulFree Wellness. Tiana's passions lie in helping people seek their higher purpose through radical healing and collective care. She is a fierce advocate for accessible and relatable Wellness services and practices for Black and Brown communities, LGBTQIA+ Queer folks, low-income and oppressed communities. SoulFree Wellness is the manifestation of her commitment to uplifting and amplifying wellness for all.

Robin Denise

Pleasure Empowerment Coach, Sensual Yoga Trapeze Instructor


Robin Denise is a pleasure empowerment coach, health & life coach, conscious erotic touch and reiki practitioner, sex doula, sensual yoga trapeze instructor and more. Her work focuses on helping people connect more deeply to themselves through pleasure. Robin guides clients to come into alignment with their divine feminine through sensual movement, sex coaching, sound and energy healing. Robin Denise is dedicated to holding space for clients as they learn how to own their pleasure, cultivate more sensual power, love their bodies, and live authentically in every moment.

Kita Love

Empowerment Guide & Spiritual Fairy


Kita Love of Master Manifester Co is a Reiki Master, Empowerment Guide, and Spiritual Artist who helps people move from survival mode to thriving mode. As a hyper-sensitive, ex-people-pleasing empath, it is her goal to help you shift from self-sabotage and negative ways of thinking. Her goal is to have you embody self-love and compassion so you can manifest and live your most authentic life.

Nabila Wasi



Nabila “Nebulosity” Wasi, M.A., Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of MindBodySol Wellness, is an Educational Leader/Educator, a Program Management Professional, Certified Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher, meditation guide, community organizer, researcher, multi-genre storyteller, abolitionist, and dream cultivator.

She is passionate about women’s leadership development, all things holistic wellness, coalition building, social impact storytelling, diversity, equity and inclusion, and transformation coaching. For her commitment to leadership and social justice, she was selected for the Champions for Change Leaders of Color Fellowship.

Jazz Monique Hudson

Artist & Community Advocate


Jazz Hudson is an award-winning artist, speaker, educator, and young girl advocate who serves a host of communities facilitating transformation and healing through art. With a holistic approach to content & development, her interdisciplinary work engages audiences in dialogue and activism that extend beyond the page and stage. Jazz has over 13years of experience as a keynote performer, educator, and consultant for corporate, educational, nonprofit, and community-based organizations. She has expertise in facilitating "experiential workshops" on issues of race, gender, class, hip-hop/arts, and radical healing—jazz leads and designs workshops that utilize oral and written traditions to reclaim and define the self.

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