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A Trusted Resource

for Black Women.

Empowering & Liberating Black Women

Coco Coalition

Explore our story and get to know us better - discover our mission, values, and passion for serving Black women.

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Upcoming Projects to Fund

Explore our exciting upcoming projects seeking funding support to make impactful strides in holistic wellness.

All the Latest Updates

Stay in the loop with the freshest updates from Coco Coalition, where Black women are empowered and liberated.

Get to Know Us

Get to know the passionate minds behind our success - meet the exceptional individuals driving our team forward!


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Explore the various ways you can lend your support and make a profound impact with us:

  • Attend our inspiring events, where every presence fuels our mission with positivity and support.

  • Volunteer your time and expertise as a mentor, nurturing growth and guiding others towards success.

  • Partner with us to amplify our impact, creating a collaborative force for meaningful change.

  • Spearhead fundraising initiatives, championing our cause and supporting our mission to transform lives. Your efforts shape a brighter future, and every contribution counts towards our shared goals.

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